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"Sylvia is brilliant, amazing and full of energy. She is a tireless advocate and someone who is always active in local community issues. Would that we had more leaders like Sylvia. I am proud to get to work with her on a regular basis and proud that she is a member of the Greenwich Village - Chelsea Chamber of Commerce."
Dirk McCall, Executive Director, GVCCC

"Sylvia Di Pietro is one of the most dedicated, ethical and energetic attorneys I have ever worked with as a forensic accountant. You want her to be your counselor and not the lawyer for the other side. Sylvia is responsive and caring. She communicates so well that you always know what she expects from you, and you know what she will be doing for you."
Stephen A. Linker, CPA, Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Accountants

"I've been working with Sylvia to set up an independent judicial screening panel for a civil court seat. She is the administrator & has been doing an outstanding job. She has been a pleasure to work with. I have found her to be hard working & well organized. I would recommend her any time."
David Reck

"Sylvia is a real champion of the elderly and an outstanding litigator in trust and estate matters; She was my attorney in a trusts and estate and elder law matter of monumental importance and was able to uncover theft. She is trustworthy, of high ethical standards, and can be counted on to return phone calls."

"Although an accomplished and trusted estate and elder law litigator, this feature failed to note Ms. DiPietro's expertise involving her knowledge of the media and entertainment industry. Sylvia has been a critical member of the Media Safety Services, Inc. team since we burst on the scene back in 2002 providing legal counsel in the complex media and entertainment business (a special niche indeed). She has skillfilly guided us through our recent and successful global expansion project. We highly recommend her!"
John A. Smith, President, Media Safety Services, Inc.

"Sylvia is a true supporter of all! Sylvia is able to provide well thought out constructive advice. She is a true advocate of women, and is someone whom you feel secure having in your corner. She is one of the most professional women I've met during my career and it has been my blessing to have had the opportunity to have worked with her on joint projects in her role as Vice President for the New York Women's Bar Association. Sylvia is a true champion for the rights of the elderly and is a top trusts and estate litigator."
Bianca O'Brien, New York Life Insurance Co.

"Sylvia Di Pietro guided me in very complex contract negotiations and anticipated every move countered throughout the entire negotiation period. A master strategist, she delivered with 100% accuracy to reach our desired conclusion with brilliance. In other legal matters she handled for me, I was in awe of her of gifts. She has an uncanny ability of knowing exactly what the opposite side is planning and then she out-thinks them every step of the way. She is fearless, ingenious, supremely ethical, and the most astute judge of character I've ever encountered. Did I say how much she loves the Law? This is her arena and she's spectacular at it. She is quite simply the lawyer you dream about but whom you never believe exists except in movies. When she takes on a case, your cause becomes HER cause. This lawyer is a fighter and champion for justice who never gives up. Truly one of a kind."
Susan Fisher

"It is an honor to have my internship with Sylvia DiPietro. She is a knowledgeable professional that is willing to sacrifice her time to teach others the valuable skills that she possesses. Sylvia is a hard worker that never gives up. She is my true inspiration. She is just a brilliant woman! Thank you, Sylvia."

"I met Sylvia over six years ago and ever since she has been one of my idols. She is a strong, aggressive, smart, beautiful women and everything any business women would love to accomplish in their lifetime. Sylvia is the one who you want on your side and not the other."

"In my work as a real estate attorney I have consulted Sylvia Di Pietro on areas of law that are outside my specialty but within hers. Like an experienced Grand Master Chess player looking at a chess board, when Sylvia examines a legal dispute, she can see all the moves available to both sides and predict how they will play out if used. I believe that mixture of experience and judgment makes Sylvia a master legal strategist. In addition to that skill, as anyone who knows her will attest, Sylvia is zealous. On a personal note, I believe that any client going through hard times would be strengthened by Sylvia's personal mixture of tremendous grit with tremendous warmth."

"I have had the great opportunity of doing an internship under Ms. Sylvia Di Pietro's supervision. During that time, I was able to see how she treated each client, kept in touch with them, and solved promptly their problems. She is one of the most respectful and professional person I have ever met. I started to admire her soon after we met, as a person, and also as a professional. I would trust her to handle any legal matter I might have."

"Sylvia is the attorney that you want beside you in a legal fight as your champion, behind you as a supporter when you are in competition and as a friend when you just want to share an accomplishment. Best of all, Sylvia is a real woman who has beaten the odds, stood up to the challenges that confront us all, met the family commitments, won the respect of the Judiciary and can still go for drinks with the Girls. Silvia is a great friend."

"Sylvia E. Di Pietro is an outstanding attorney in the Elder Law and Trust and Estates areas, particularly as a litigator. She is also a leader in the profession heading many important bar association committees."

"When an average New Yorker is in need of legal assistance for personal representation - personal character, caring & integrity are just as just as important as legal experience and expertise; Sylvia is that attorney. In my case, I was injured while on vacation and in need of immediate legal assistance. Upon contacting Sylvia, she immediately stepped in and recommended out of state (local) representation for me as she guided and advised me and my family through the initial accident process, including critical care guidance. The fact that an attorney stayed in daily contact with us until the local attorney accepted the case to check on my condition and how my family was coping speaks volumes of an attorney who cares. Bravo Sylvia!"
Health Teacher

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